Personal Care

Packetbound isn’t just for businesses, we offer a myriad of services to ensure your personal computer or mac is in tip top shape! Kids getting back to school? Our certified technicians can handle any task, from spyware & virus removal, home network setup, printer sharing, wireless installation to full data recovery. What’s best of all is we come to you – no need to carry your Computer anywhere, just sit back and allow our trained technicians to identify and repair your PC from the comfort of your home*. Need immediate support? We offer Instant Remote Assistance!

*some problems cannot be resolved at client location, there is no charge for pickup/delivery of equipment in such case unless outside New York.

Personal Care Pricing

Spyware & Virus Removal


If your computer is not adequately protected, you may find yourself with spyware/malware or even a virus or rootkit. Not to worry, Packetbound is there!

  • Troubleshoot 1 PC, identify infection(s)
  • Remove all viruses, malware, spyware and/or rootkits on computer
  • Repair any ‘Boot Up’ Issues (blue screens, reboot loops, etc)
  • Apply Windows Critical Updates, and any antivirus updates (if installed)
  • Provide you with recommendations to extend the life of your computer

Data Collection / Reformat


Sometimes your computer may be too badly infected, or are too damaged to be repaired. With our DC / F service, we will:

  • Backup your chosen Data (pictures, documents, emails – everything you request)
  • Re-load fresh copy of Windows or OSX
  • Bring Operating System up to date with all updates
  • Re-distribute your data

Data Backup / Transfer


Unable to power your Laptop, P.C. or Mac? Moving data from one PC to another & still need your precious information? Want to setup a backup regiment for your data? We can help!

  • Transfer your requested Data to your new computer
  • Place data on your choice of media, DVD-R, USB Drive or External Hard Drive *
  • Configure backup solution to suit your needs

*Price includes backup to DVD up to 10GB, USB drives & external hard drive not included

Data Recovery


At Packetbound we understand your data is of upmost importance; your computer is responsible for safely storing your fondest family pictures and videos, your critical work documents, or even personal financial information. Unfortunately sometimes a computer crash or hard drive failure can leave you at a loss, that’s where we come in.

  • Because hard drive recovery can be complex, an initial $59.99 diagnostic will be performed, which is deducted from the recovery if performed.
  • Recovery begins at $259.99. Price is contingent on the severity of the damage.
  • Data is returned to you in a USB Thumb Drive, DVD or External Hard Drive

Maintenance & Security Hardening


Everything running slower than you remember? Not sure what to update or remove? Let us enhance your computer with our maintenance & security service!

  • Install updates for Anti-Virus & Anti-spyware solution
  • Perform Full System Scan(s)
  • Defragment Hard Drive if necessary
  • Perform Windows System Critical Updates
  • Remove unwanted/unneeded applications and trial ware
  • Apply optimal settings for firewall, pop up blockers & apply anti-phishing measuresPersonal Care